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Why we advocate for less animal proteins

Why we advocate for less animal proteins

A shocking 70% of North America’s prairies have been lost over the last decades, as reported by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). These biodiverse grasslands, once sprawling from Mexico through the United States to Canada, are being plowed up for crops like wheat, soy, corn, alfalfa, and canola. This is a crisis that few are talking about, but its irreversible impact on America is something we need to bring into the spotlight.

Stop The Conversion

Just like the Amazon rainforest in South America, our own North American prairies are rapidly turning into farmland. And it’s a big deal. This transformation is putting our native plants, animals, and the livelihoods of local communities at risk. But there’s hope. By eating upcycled food, Kipster chickens are contributing to a world where the endangered Prairie Chicken can still be saved.

Why Prairies Are Crucial

These prairies aren’t just grassy fields. They’re ecological powerhouses. They hold about one-third of the world’s terrestrial carbon stocks, purify and store water for millions downstream, and provide a home for a diverse array of species, including bison, deer, and black-footed ferrets. Plus, they’re essential for the wellbeing of Native nations, ranchers, and other communities that depend on these grasslands.