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      Dedicated to sustainabilty and Animal welfare

      Kipster eggs are the world’s first certified climate-neutral eggs, a milestone that reflects our dedication to sustainability. By choosing Kipster eggs (and meat), you’re also supporting more animal welfare.

      “We need to close the gap between what were doing as farmers and what people want, which is more ethically and sustainably produced food

      Ruud Zanders – Founding Farmers
      Source: Washington Post

      White eggs for a greener world

      Contrary to popular belief, the color of an egg’s shell, determined by the hen’s breed, does not affect its nutritional value or quality. Our choice to produce white eggs is driven by their lower carbon footprint. By not perpetuating the myth of brown eggs’ supposed superiority, we’re taking a stand for sustainability and informed consumer choices.

      What about the brothers of our hens?

      We’ve taken a stand against the culling of male chicks, an issue widely condemned. While our ambition is to raise these roosters for meat in the U.S., infrastructure and market dynamics for this humane practice are still in development. We are tirelessly working to build a system that allows these male birds to live out their natural lives, contributing to a sustainable cycle that meets our ethical standards. This initiative is part of our larger commitment to advance a more ethical and environmentally conscious food system.

      Opened to you, the public

      We’re offering a clear view of our practices and the welfare of our animals. This openness is part of our mission to build trust with consumers and demonstrate our commitment to ethical farming. You’re welcome to visit our farm or see the chickens from the comfort of your armchair.

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