Meet the Chickens

Our chickens are more than the sum of what they consume and release. They are beings with desires and feelings– they both suffer and enjoy.

Hi There,

Nice to meet you. I am the Chief Egg Officer of Kipster and welcome to my farm. Let’s dive into some highlights.

Kipster Chicken
Chief Egg Officer

Playground indoor and outdoor

Our farm’s futuristic form follows its function of allowing us to roam outside or in an indoor playground filled with daylight and fresh air. With such a varied and enriched environment, our beaks do not need to be trimmed.

Outdoor Access

We enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and the joy of unfettered exploration, within the secure confines of the farm, protected from predators.

Night Quarters

We have a well-ventilated safe area that ensures a peaceful night’s rest for all of us. With comfy nests, designed to provide maximum comfort.

Pecking Stones

Essential tools for daily beak maintenance, enabling us to peck with precision. Our beaks remain untouched and untrimmed in a natural state.


Our farm is dotted with haybales, serving both as a source of entertainment and a dietary supplement.

Dust Bathes

Our grooming routine includes regular visits to the dust bath spa, a natural method for cleaning our feathers.


Every morning, the farmers scatters feed, so we can enjoy pecking around all day long.


Elevated perches and wooden structures are thoughtfully placed, offering us ample opportunities to climb and and survey our domain from a bird’s-eye view.

Room for improvement

Unfortunately, they can’t build the ideal living environment for us. They always must make compromises, because otherwise my eggs would become too expensive.

Catching chickens

There are always exceptions, but most chickens aren’t looking for cuddles, so they only pick us up when it’s absolutely necessary. When they gather the older chickens to make room for the young, they carefully lift us around the breast and wing area to minimize stress and pain. They never hold us upside down by our feet – a practice that can traumatize us – and they never carry more than two chickens at once. They learned this gentle method from Eyes on Animals.

Continuous quest for improvement

How can we elevate excellence and improve animal welfare?

  • Reducing transport, as animal transport is a hot issue
  • Having eggs hatch on the farm instead of at a hatchery, as it’s better for the chicks
  • Raising chicks on our own premises rather than at a specialized rearing company, allowing us to maintain control
  • Raising both hens and roosters on the same Kipster farm is crucial

Animal welfare organizations

In close collaboration with scientists and animal welfare organizations, the Kipster Farm was designed for our needs. We are forest birds, and the farm is set up for us to carry out our natural behaviors as much as possible.

Don’t take our word for it

“We recognize Kipster for their dedication to laying hen welfare and are proud to have them qualify for our Certified Humane® program”

“I am delighted to see Kipster’s visionary high-welfare, carbon-neutral approach to egg production opening in the US. This is a moment to celebrate for chickens and the planet alike”

“Kipster’s egg farming model offers extraordinary transparency and a holistic commitment to animals’ wellbeing that the public is seeking and which animals deserve”