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Kipster chicken farmers receive prestigious B Corp certificate

Kipster chicken farmers receive prestigious B Corp certificate


Washington D.C., July 6, 2023 – Today, Kipster announces it has been certified as a B Corporation, also known as B Corp. “This recognition confirms our ongoing commitment to increased sustainability, radical transparency and social responsibility.” Says Sandra Vijn, Managing Director Kipster.

B Corps is a globally recognized certification and is awarded to companies with excellent environmental and social performance. Globally, over seven thousand companies in ninety countries are B Corp. Achieving this certification is no easy task.

Kipster’s farmers produce climate-neutral eggs. They see their chickens not only as the makers of eggs and meat, but also as processors of food waste. Their chickens up-cycle by-products and residues from the food industry into eggs and meat. Furthermore, at Kipster they see their chickens as beings with feelings and desires that, as good and bad as it gets on a farm, should be respected. Anyone can see how the chickens live and learn all about them at the Kipster farm’s visitor center or by tuning into the live ‘chicken cam’ on Kipster’s YouTube channel.

Sandra: “The B Corps certificate reflects our way of doing business, which in an eggshell means that we consider sustainability and animal welfare more important than profit optimization alone. We believe that farmers can play a key role in solving today’s challenges and creating a sustainable future.”

Kipster is committed to doing its part to make the agricultural sector more sustainable. Respect for people, animals and the environment is central to this. Kipster looks forward to working with other B Corps enterprises to build a sustainable future.

Currently, there are two Kipster farms in the Netherlands. The Kipster U.S. farms are operated by MPS Egg Farms in partnership with Kipster. Global interest in the Kipster concept is high. The company expects to open new farms in several countries by 2024.

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