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join the team

Creative Social PR Manager

We are in search of a creative and passionate PR and social media expert to spread the word about Kipster. We need someone who resonates with our brand and purpose, who can truly embody our vision and mission through compelling content. A professional whose work will inspire others to join in transforming the sustainable food landscape.

Required Experience and Expertise:
  • Proficiency in social media engagement, including crafting content and copy for Kipster’s social channels
  • A broad network of pertinent reporters nationwide
  • Insight into the U.S. journalism sphere, fostering Kipster’s media interactions
  • Understanding of the U.S. consumer markets, trends, and preferences
Join the team

Chicken wants a farmer

Do you care about animal welfare and sustainability? Do you like to innovate? Maybe we can cooperate.

Team Kipster

Kipster is expanding

We started Kipster in 2013 with the question: ‘How can we feed the world in a fair way – without exploitation, exclusion, and the needless torture of animals?’ We opened our first farm in 2017 near Venray in The Netherlands. And it’s only been getting crazier ever since. People all over the world are interested in the Kipster concept.

Healthy future
We are building a healthy business for a healthy future and are looking for farmer collaborators – with whom we can work with happily ever after. Do you track issues around animal welfare and sustainability? Do you like to innovate? Then we might be able to collaborate.

The market

The interest in fair food is growing. The amount of foodbloggers, star chefs, journalists and supermarkets championing sustainability continues to grow rapidly – along with the number of eco-conscious customers. This is not a trend that will blow over, but solidify. More and more people notice that the low price they pay for their food results in high prices somewhere else up the chain – may it be for the environment, the farmer and eventually for our children. Happily, fundamental changes are coming – and fast.

Building in The Netherlands
In these uncertain times we are building Kipster as a resilient and future-proof farm company. That’s why we are looking for qualified farmers to join our venture. In the Netherlands we’ve been asked to build two new farms.

Expanding Internationally
In addition, we are busy expanding with farms in the United States, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Belgium and the Caribbean. Joining Kipster means being a part of a worldwide network.


Kipster guarantees
From us, you can expect:

  • Long-term contract with industry-leading client
  • Guaranteed order quantity
  • Fixed price linked to feed price
  • Sort and deliver directly to the farm

Kipster’s tasks
We’ll arrange:

  • Management of construction process
  • Logistics with the client
  • Circular feed
  • 3-star certificates from BLK and CO2 neutral
  • Technical support and training
  • Marketing and branding
  • Sharing knowledge and experience from the international team


Optimal ROI
We aim for an optimal yield that’s economically, ecologically and socially responsible. What does it mean when put to practice? We keep the total picture in mind and strive for balance. For example:

Farmer’s income
A good income for a good job

Animal welfare first
For instance, we do not catch the chickens in the most efficient way, but the most animal friendly way.

Kipster layers eat surplus feed made from farmers and bakeries. This feed may not be the cheap-cheap-cheapest but it’s the only feed that fits the Kipster vision.

Our eggs are CO2-neutral. Which means we compensate our emissions. That ain’t free.

Our farms are open for visitors, which costs time and energy.

In conclusion

We continue to build a growing and glowing business – one has positive impact. In this quest, we are looking for farmers who share our vision. If you like what you’ve read, then you probably have many questions. You can just ask them here.

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