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Kipster chickens lay the most sustainable eggs in the world

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The United States’ first carbon-neutral eggs

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Kipster is taking the meaning of transparency to a new level

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First comes the chicken, then comes the egg

At Kipster, we try to cater to the instincts and needs of our chickens.

Respecting their nature is our goal, but we know there’s always room to do better. We’re committed to continuous improvement.

“Chickens, by nature, are forest dwellers. Our hens enjoy spacious indoor and outdoor gardens, which include enrichments like comfortable nests, perches, dust baths, and pecking blocks to ensure they experience natural comforts.”

Sandra Vijn, Managing Director USA

Revolutionizing Farming For a Healthier Planet

We redefine the role of livestock in the food ecosystem. Our chickens contribute to a better environment and prevent food waste by turning surpluses of agriculture and food processing into nutritious eggs and meat, as well as valuable fertilizers. The carefully controlled upcycled feed contains, for example, leftovers from sources such as large bakeries, and pasta factories.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed

Our collaborative approach to animal welfare and sustainability is revolutionary, earning us numerous accolades and awards in recognition of our innovative practices.

Our team’s honor

Innovation Award


Number 1

Sprout Challenger 50 award

Voted Product of the Year


Corporate for Animals Award

Eurogroup for Animals

Best Marketing Award

Compassion in World Farming


European Private Label Award

Good Egg Award

Compassion in World Farming

Mansholt Business Award

Wageningen University

Most Environmentally Responsible Company

Best in Biz Awards

Number 1 Company

The Netherlands Carbon Neutral

Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Agriculture


“Grateful for the recognition” Chief Egg Officer

How we cut our greenhouse gas emissions

First, we try to reduce all our emissions. Whatever’s left, we compensate for.

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You deserve honest and full information

We are next level transparent and not sweeping anything under the rug. You can drop by and visit the farm visitor center – complete with small exhibition or watch the 24/7 livestream of the Kipster farm.

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